Random Cam Story:

So I'm online, couple years ago, in a chat-room, I'm checking out profiles, looking at their locations, bingo find someone in California. finally found someone with similar interests, BOTH OF US very horny and love to give oral top & bottom also HIV-.

She didn't live that far, we started regular chatting n flirting just about every other night..
One night she happen to be in LA - I'm in the valley not too far. So I Sent a TXT PM. She replied back very fast.. It seemed we had instant chemistry always flirting.
always saying lets hookup, This time she really wanted to meet/hookup. No joke, no flaking. IM like okay - I have money for gas, just don't have a ride.. she said that she could come in a get me. I couldn't host that night.
I was serious and so anxious little nervous. We chatted lots of times Its like we already knew each other. Then She shows up.. Tells me to get in back, 4door car - We then go to gas station, That's the 1st time when I saw her besides pics & web cam. She was very hot, hair makeup tall n thin. We didn't speak much on the way there, there was 2 other guys n the car. I don't think they knew... Anyways We got to her hotel...
she opened the door, we both walked. she went to her computer to checking messages.
I sat on her bed, then she told me to stand and face her, she took off my belt, pants and pulled my boxer briefs off... we both jumped into bed. she said turn around.. she spread my ass with both hands... very clean.. nice tight ass so smooth she whispered.. then she started to finger and lick my ass.... MMMMMmm damn that feels good... She said we should shower make sure your ass is super clean.. ..
I replied together.. "hell yes" she replied, "just a quick rinse" We started to undress, she said help me with my Top so I don't mess my hair up, IM like okay (standing in my boxer briefs halfway down) then we both took our underwear off... she headed in facing the shower, I stepped in instantly she started rubbing her ass on my dick. up/down side 2 side getting me hard..
then took some soap, and started to wash my growing cock.. she was like nice.. now wash mine, I DID, and after washing, I started to put my tongue on her COCK... it was not hard so I was able to get my mouth around her nice soft dick I positioned my lips at the base of her cock so I could try lick her on her balls... she forced me to deep throat her, putting 1 hand on the back of my head the other hand she pinched my nose closed so I couldn't breath... *she moaned, I moaned too MMMMMMMM she almost instantly grew inside my mouth I can feel it in my throat I gagged and gasped for air at the same time, my eyes watering I had a big smile on my face and I said WOW you have a nice big dick, almost 10 full inches (when hard) I wanted more. she smiled and said lets get dry and out of the shower, now on her bed, she said get on my knees put me in doggy style position... she licked my ass spitting a couple times smacking her cock on my butt cheeks she slowly put her head inside my asshole... I moaned yessss, more more all of it, she when balls deep, we both moaned, she said wow yur ass it tight, I replied well yur cock is really big, we laughed. then she pulls out, tells me to turn around and suck it.. she told me to clean her cock with my mouth started to sucking and gagging, I kiss her cock, and said I loved it and wanted more, she giggled, smiled and said I was a good cock sucker as she face fucked me.. the she told me lay on my back *I love fucking missionary, my favorite position* I got on my back, she grabbed my legs, and then started to rub her cock against mine.. she spit on her fingers, rubbed it on my ass, then put her big dick inside my tight hole once again.. she went slow teasing my ass putting it in just a few inches then taking it out.. then she said ready... I moaned yes please *I want your dick* she then put it all the way inside, mmmmmm feels good I said why thrusting hard cock deep started to really pounded me... I loved it, I could see her dick going in and out of me, she had the biggest smile on her face... so did I... For about 20 mins she pounded me, mmmmm good deep and hard, then she said she was about to cum (I was already started precum ) She pulled out rubbed her giant clit against my wet hard dick and then she squirted all my cock & balls, then she went down started to suck and lick my cock with all her juices on it...and rub my ass with her cum... mmmmmmmm yes yes, I moaned almost almost, she gave me a very sloppy BJ while fingering my ass. I then busted my nut, it was really big, she swallowed some, then spit some on my cock, then she got on top, started to ride my still rock hard dick.... wow nobodies ever done that b4 was so hot... few hours later she got a knock on the door, she told me to go into the bathroom, minutes later she came and got me, now fully clothed she told me its cool she introduced me to this guy n girl... its like 3am... the guy and the sexy girl I was messing with started to mess around I was wow this is hot, I removed my pants then I laid next to the other girl just wearing underwear and stating to watch and touch my self... mmmmmmm I said, so hot, the girl then took down my underwear.. started to suck my dick mmmmm yess, I could still all the action, I got super hard, told me to close my eyes, and she got on top of me.... started to ride me. I opend my eyes... WOW over 9inchs of hard dick bouncing up and down on my cock... riding hard *SLAP slap, very loud and constant for over 20 mins, I said I'm about to cum, she got off, and let me cum all over her face. I then started to suck her, gagging and choking on her big dick finally she told me to stop... then jacked off till she busted her nut... wow so exciting...

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